Our company (FaT Group) welcomes the ASWF (American Standard Window Film) and places in your car instantly and quickly, durable car window films, of advanced technology and upgraded protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The benefits of installing the particular membrane are as follows.

Lifetime warranty
By selecting the FaT group you have a lifetime warranty as well as you receive the material certification document for the CCT.
Fuel savings
A vehicle with sunless ASWF films uses 5 times less air conditioning, resulting in up to 35% fuel savings.
All ASWF films help to increase safety in case of crystal breakage.
UV light ejection
All ASWF films, due to their professional quality and performance, reject up to
99% U / V ultraviolet radiation.
Cabin temperature reduction
ASWF membranes reduce the heat transferred to the interior of the car.
It causes trouble to the thieves
If you look from the outside to the inside , the visibility is reduced, the films are a deterrent to the thieves.
Protection of the cabin of the vehicle
Ultraviolet radiation and solar heat in the vehicle's salon are greatly reduced, protecting the plastic of the cabin and the car lounge.
Improve the appearance of the car
Placing the ASWF films will give your car an extraordinary and distinctive look, regardless of the hue you choose.

Protect you and your passengers from harmful solar radiation with the high-quality sunscreen membranes of ASWF in the FaT Group.

To close your appointment to install the films in your car, call FaT Group at 210 3387655 or contact a representative of our store

The comfort and protection of the interior of the car and of the passengers is our own concern.

American Standard Window Film's professional films offer an overwhelming alternative to the usual products in the industry. This is achieved through the use of sophisticated technology, production processes and coating of membranes. As a result, American Standard Window Film products are characterized by the highest optical precision and performance rates: Natural and non-distorted field of view, reduced energy costs, upgraded protection, reduced - as little as possible - heat and glare, absolute rejection of infrared radiation.