Take advantage of the high quality of ASWF films and the FaT Group experience!

The installation of ASWF films has the following benefits for the owner / user of the vehicle in different proportions related to the type of films used:

Fuel savings: A vehicle with ASWF films uses 5 times less air conditioning, resulting in up to 35% savings in fuel.

Discrepancy: The darker or more reflective the film, the more discreet and privacy it offers

Glare Reduction: The lower the visible light transmission (VLT), the more effectively it reduces the glare or membrane effect.

Protection against fading and aging of the interior of the vehicle: All ASWF films, due to their professional quality and performance, reject up to 99% of ultraviolet radiation (U / V), which is the leading cause of fading and aging of the interior of the car.

Heat Dissipation: ASWF films offer a reduction in the heat transferred to the interior of the car. Reflective films and those containing a metallised layer also offer even more efficient heat rejection. This is due to the fact that the plating helps the membrane to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. As a result, the interior of the car remains cooler and more enjoyable. Interior materials are more effectively protected from the known cracks caused by the sun's sunshine. Finally, the membrane itself is protected, since it does not absorb / retain a large amount of heat inside it, thus increasing its lifetime.

Safety: All ASWF films help to increase safety in case of crystal breakage.


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